US4 High Trim Ambulance


The US4 High Trim Ambulance provides practical as well as plentiful equipment for any in-ambulance operation.


  • Speaker 75W, 8
  • Warning LampFront/Rear Warning Lamps with select colors
  • VentilatorHigh-Performance with 4 functions
  • Mark Customized for Clients


Movable Light, Built-In Cabinet, IV Hook, Flap Type Door Oxygen Cylinder, Main Stretcher(fixed), Sub Stretcher Bumper Guard, Ventilator,
2 LED Room Lamps, Full Cover Partition, Controller, Fire Extinguisher, Bench, Folding Seats

Standard Items

  • Main Stretcher (Fixed)

    A stretcher guarantees safe transfer of a patient.

  • Sub Stretcher

    A sub stretcher is offered with a built-in cabinet.

  • Full Cover Partition

    A partition wall divides the drivers space from the rear cabin.

  • Built-In Cabinet

    Side wall storage space for various medical items facilitates prompt responses to emergency situations.

  • Controller & Microphone

    Emergency warning lamps and a microphone are efficient communications tools during an emergency.

  • Oxygen Cylinder

    An oxygen cylinder is offered with the built-in cabinet.

  • Bench and Under Seat Storage

    Two persons can be seated with separate seatbelts. Medical items can be stored under the seat.

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • IV Hook

  • Movable Light, 2 LED Lamps, IV Hook and Ventilator

    Adjustable lamp for greater flexibility and a four-stage air circulation fan guarantees the appropriate interior air conditions.

Option Items

  • Linked Type Stretcher This linked type stretcher is used for rapid, convenient and safe lifting & transfer of a patient. It can be handled by only single person.
  • Chair Type StretcherThis stretcher can be transformed to a chair which provides choices for an EMS person when he/she carries a patient in different circumstances.
  • Chair Type Stretcher & BedThe chair type stretcher can be mounted on bed.
    It provides electrical power assistance for an EMS person when pushing the stretcher into an ambulance, and it also helps to hold the patient.
  • LED Type Warning Lamp
  • Folding Type ChairFolding seat for emergency medical persons allow more space when not in use.



  • Parts and repair manual will be couriered to our customers without cost within 1 year.
  • Necessary process to verify what caused failure is required in advance.
  • A/S is subject to conversion parts.

You can purchase the below medical appliance as package or choose the items you want only.If you have any inquiries, please contact us through the below channels.