How to order US4 AMB and H100 VAN

  • Log on to Hyundai DTS site (
  • Place order for US4 and H100 in DTS.
  • When you place order, you need to choose conversion code AMB for US4 ambulance and SPE code for H100 Dry & Refrigerator van.
  • After placing order in DTS, please inform HMC country mangers and Chungwoo Tech of the work orders that have conversion codes by email.

How to pay for US4 ambulance and H100 van

  • Open LC or make TT transfer to HMC in the same way that you do for your monthly HMC orders.
  • HMC will pay Chungwoo Tech for US4 ambulance and H100 van.

You can purchase the below medical appliance as package or choose the items you want only.If you have any inquiries, please contact us through the below channels.